A Guide To Passing Pre Purchase Building Inspections

If you are selling your house, you need to make sure that your property is in top shape before you even put it on the market. And don’t be concerned if the building inspection report may have a few negative things to say about your property. Keep in mind that if a buyer hires the services of a building inspector, then said inspector will go through your property with a fine comb looking for the slightest defect he/she can see. The buyer then uses this to negotiate the price with you.

By making some basic inexpensive repairs you will dramatically reduce the chance of your buyer pulling out of the deal.

So if you want top dollar for your property, you can do some inexpensive maintenance or repairs in order to reduce whatever defects the inspector might put on the report.

Here’s a list of things you can do:

  • Keep gutters free of debris, or you can replace or replace gutters that have leaks.
  • Make sure your property has proper drainage.
  • Keep your walls, roof and foundation free of bushes and tree roots.
  • Splash a fresh coat of paint on weathered areas.
  • Seal any asphalt cracks on your driveways.
  • Check your masonry and joints for needed repairs.
  • Have your heating and cooling system checked and serviced.
  • Make sure that all your smoke detectors are working.
  • Make sure that all windows are weather sealed and that all doors are working properly.
  • Check that plumbing fixtures are all in working order and are free from leaking.
  • Replace any broken light fixtures.
  • Get rid of rotting wood.
  • Make sure that all exterior walls are free from cracks and water tight.
  • Make sure that the under floor space is ventilated and free of water.
  • Check to see if all vents are functional and clean.
  • Check that bathroom fixtures for cracks and leakages.
  • Ensure that the inspector has clear and easy access to the roof, crawlspace, and the entire garage.

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