What Affects The Cost of a Home Inspection?

Learn about the cost of home inspection and what factors affect costThere’s no fixed cost for home inspection because every home is unique. It really depends on several factors. It usually ranges between $300 to $450. But then again, it could be more or less. But for you to understand how inspectors determine their rate, here are some information:

1. Size of your home This is the first thing the inspector asks about. The size of your home in square footage will give them an idea on how long they will spend in the house and the liability involved. So make sure that you know the size of your home before you talk to an inspector.

The bigger your home is, the more items and spaces the inspector will check and the greater the number of details will be included or required in the report. They will not only inspect the living area but also your garage, basement and any outbuildings that your or the buyer wants to have inspected. My advice would be that when you call an inspector for an estimate, make sure that you ask for a quote based on the areas that you want inspected.

2. Foundation of your home Apart from the size of your house, your home’s foundation is also relevant in determining the cost of the home inspection.

If you have a crawl space, the inspector will be able to observe and check the foundation of your home through a hole in the floor. Not only will he be able to see damages in the foundation, he will also be able to check and observe the condition of your plumbing system and drains. If this is the case, then it could raise the cost of the home inspection.

3. Check for presence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms Typically, the inspector should also be a licensed pest professional to do this kind of inspection. If the inspector is not licensed, he or his company might elicit the help of a third party to do the termite and wood-destroying organism inspection.

There are home inspectors who carry this license. If they do, don’t forget to ask whether or not this type of service is included in their price quote or if you need to pay an additional charge to get this service.

So these are the 3 factors that affect the cost of a house inspection. Before you decide on hiring an inspector or inspection company, make sure you’ve made some comparisons with other companies in your area – in terms of price, experience, reputation and referrals. This way, you’ll get what you paid for.

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