Questions To ask a home inspector

Ask your home inspectors the right questionsQuestion 1: How much does a home inspection cost? The cost of home inspection varies, depending on the company, the size of your home and the areas that the inspector needs to check. Typically, it’s around the area of $300 to $450, more or less. I would not recommend that you opt for the inspector that quotes the cheapest. Yes, you might be able to save $100, but it may cost you thousands in the end.

Home inspection may not seem relevant now but trust me, it’s one of the best and biggest investments in your life.

Also, apart from the initial quote, there might be additional charge for the following inspections:

• Wood destroying insects • Radon • Water testing • Lead testing • Septic inspection

Before you call a home inspection company, be sure you know the following information: • Square footage of your house • The number of living spaces in your house • The areas you want to have inspected


Question 2: What is your experience? Experience is very important. The more they spend on the field, the better they are at doing their job. Experience is the best teacher, right? Find a company with inspectors who have years and years of experience. And make sure that you ask for references so you can talk to their previous clients and ask about the company’s performance while working on their property.


Question 3: Are you licensed? Before you ask this question, make sure that you’ve done your research. First, you need to ask about the licensing requirements in your area. Once you’re sure of this, then you can call up some home inspection companies. Also, don’t forget to ask to see the license just to be sure about it. Reputable companies are more than happy to show them to you.


Question 4: Are you fully insured (errors and omissions insurance)? Home inspection companies should be covered by insurance not just to protect themselves but also to protect you. You see, if accidents happen while working in your property and they’re not insured, you’re liable to pay for their hospital bills. Also, if they make wrong judgement calls and cause damage to your property, then it’s just right that they pay for it. However, if they’re not covered by insurances, then that’s not possible. So make sure that you ask this question and more importantly, you have to see the documents.


Question 5: what does the inspection cover? Typically, a home inspection involves examination of the foundation of your house, plumbing, heating and electrical structures. They will basically inspect your entire home for any signs of threat to its integrity.


Question 6: Are you going to give me a report? Reputable home inspectors will provide a detailed report after the inspection. It will include all the details that you need to know about the defects and problems in the house.

Purchasing a home is a huge investment and it’s really crucial to hire a home inspector prior to closing any deal. You should know if the house you’re buying is in tip-top shape. Otherwise, why buy it? Hiring a home inspector will allow you to negotiate for a better deal in case there are problems in the house. But also make sure that you hire a good inspector. He must be precise and should do a thorough and exhaustive inspection.

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